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The Kratos Wall System is marketed exclusively by Stucco Restoration Solutions, Inc. Stucco Restoration Solutions, Inc. limits access to the system to licensed applicators.  Licensed applicators have the benefit of exclusive marketing for an industry leading system within a market area. The applicator’s marketing territory is subject to negotiation. Stucco Restoration Solutions, Inc. reserves the right of final determination of the market territory after due consideration of the market potential, market penetration, historical results and the applicator’s ability to provide service.  During emergencies caused by natural and man made disasters, Stucco Restoration Solutions, Inc. may temporarily suspend applicator territory boundaries. 


Stucco Restoration Solutions will train and license each applicator.  At a minimum, the applicator’s foreman and field superintendent must attend and successfully complete the Kratos Wall System training program as outlined in the Kratos Wall System Training Manual.  The applicator is responsible for maintaining current training of its applicator crews. Stucco Restoration Solutions, Inc. will maintain a file of the training level and license for each member of the applicator crew. 


All crew members will receive a training certificate of completion and a photo I.D. Card.  The I.D. Card will include a serial number and will be subject to inspection by the third party inspector during the application process.  Stucco Restoration Solutions, Inc. reserves the right to inspect the training level of the applicator’s crew(s) and I.D. Cards for verification of compliance with the ES Report, ESR-1476 and the Kratos Wall System Field Manual.


The Applicator and employees shall conform to the Kratos Wall System Code of Conduct as outlined in the Kratos Wall System License Agreement.   


The International Code Council has set several Conditions of Use for the Kratos Wall System to comply with the IBC, IRC and UBC codes.  They are: 


The Kratos Wall System shall be installed in accordance with ICC ESR-1476 and the published installation instructions of Stucco Restoration Systems, Inc. In the event of conflicts between the manufacturer’s published installation instructions and the ICC ESR-1476 report, the ESR-1476 will govern. 

Installation shall be performed by applicators trained and approved by Stucco Restoration Systems, Inc. 

The allowable positive and negative wind loads on the Kratos Wall System with wood studs a maximum of 24 inches (610mm) on center shall be 25 psf (1198 pa).  For wood studs a maximum of 16 inches (406mm) on center, the allowable wind load shall be 35 psf (1692 pa).  Support framing shall be adequate to resist the required wind load. 

In jurisdictions adopting the UBC, the coating system, without insulation board, is permitted to be attached to the surface of combustible exterior fire-resistance-rated assemblies described in UBC Table 7B without a change in the assigned hourly rating of the assembly.

An installation card, shall be completed by the applicator and left at the jobsite for the owner, and a copy shall be filed with the code official.

The Kratos Wall System shall be inspected by an independent inspection agency approved by Stucco Restoration Systems, Inc. The inspection agency will complete a declaration card to be left at the jobsite for the owner.  A copy of the declaration card will be provided to the code official. 

The coating system shall be limited to Type V construction (IBC and UBC) and structures constructed in accordance with the IRC.  Under the UBC only, the system may be applied to code-complying, fire-resistance-rated wall assemblies without reducing the fire-resistance rating.

For installation over concrete or masonry, test report shall be submitted to the code official for approval. 

The Kratos Base Coat Concentrate, Kratos Admis, Kratos Bonder, Kratos Red Stop Liquid Water Barrier and Kratos Finish Coat are manufactured by Omega Products International, 5576 Wynn Road, Las Vegas, Nevada under a quality program with inspections by RI Ogawa & Associates (AA-705). 


We are looking for Applicators who are willing and able to work to our standards and the standards set by the ICC. Stucco Restoration Solutions, Inc. will train and license each applicator.


We believe that we have designed products and procedures that provide the best solution to the restoration of damaged stucco.  In doing so we are providing you with the opportunity to provide the best possible service to your customers.