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Manufacturing of Kratos



The Kratos Wall System is a multi-component system consisting of a liquid-applied water-resistive barrier, base coat, admixture, sand, water, lath, flashing, fasteners, bonding agent, caulking, finish coat and other accessories. The components are:

·Kratos Base Coat Concentrate:  The Kratos Base Coat Concentrate is a factory-prepared mixture of Type I, Type II or Type V Portland cement complying with ASTM C 150, chopped fibers and proporietary additives.  It is packaged in 80 pound (36kg) bags.  Kratos Base Coat Concentrate is mixed with Kratos Admix, water and sand. 

·Kratos Admix:  Kratos Admix is a factory-prepared, liquid mixture composed of acrylic polymers and modifiers.  It is Packaged in 3 ½ gallon (13.2 l) pails.  Kratos Admix os ,oxed wotj Lratps Base Cpat Concentrate.

·Sand:  Sand shall be clean and free of deleterious amounts of loam, clay, silt, soluble salts and organic matter.  Sampling and testing shall comply with ASTM C 144 or C 897.

·Kratos Wire Fabric Lath: Wire fabric lath shall comply with ASTM C 1032 IBC Table 2507.2 or IRC Section R702.2. It shall be minimum No. 20 gage (0.0350 inch (0.889 mm)), galvanized steel, woven wire fabric or paperbacked woven wire fabric.  The lath shall eb self-furred or furred when applied over all substaratesexcept unbacked insulation borard.  The furring distance of self-furring lath shall comply with IBC Section 2510.3, IRC Section R703.6, or UBC Section 2506.  When installed with a maximum coating thickness of ½ inche (12.7 mm)intervals each way, and the crimps shall fur the body of the lath a minimum of 1/8 inch (3.2mm) form the substrate after installation.

·Metal Lath: Metal lath shall comply with ASTM C 847 (IBC Table 2507.2 or IRC Section R703.6.1) or UBC Table 25.B. Furring and self-furring requirements shall be as set forth for wire fabric lath.

·Kratos Flashing Membrane:  The Kratos Flashing Membrane is a 6 to 36 inch wide (152mm to 914mm), 20 mil thick (0.5mm) or 400 mil thinck (1mm), self-sealing membrane packaged in 50 foot or 75 foot rolls.  The membrane is regognized in report ESR-1825. 

·Kratos Wood Stud Fastener:  The Kratos Wood Stud Fastener is a stepped-shank, 21/2 inch (63.5 mm), carbon steel wood screw fastener with a hex head/washer and an epoxy coating fore corrosion-resistance.  The head has a cylindrical extension hex-washer portion.  The extension provides a gage to ensure the plaster is applied to the minimum thickness of 3/8 inch (9.5mm). The fasteners are installed using manufacturer-supplied bits.

·Grip-Lok Expansion Retainer Stucco Washer: The Grip-Lok Expansion Retiner Stucco Washer is stamped from cold-rolled coil steel complying with ASTM A 653 CS Type A, coated with zinc-aluminum alloy (G90 or equivalent).  The washer is 1-1/4 inches (4.4mm) in diameter with a center-punched hole surrounded by six equally spaced perforations.  The center hole is punched so that it forms a 15 degree angle with the flat plane of the washer. 

·Wood Screws:  Wood screws shall be No. 8 wafer head screws complying with ANSI/ASME Standard B 18.6.1-1981, with sufficient length to penetrate th wood studs a minimum of 1 inch (25mm).

·Caulking:  Acrylic latex caulking material shall comply with ASTM C 834, or silicone caulking material shall comply with ASTM c 920. 

·Kratos Red Stop Liquid Water Barrier Coating:  The Kratos Red Stop Water Barrier Coating is a non-cementitious, flexible moisture barrier manufactured from 100 percent acrylic polymers and proprietary additives.  Red Stop is packaged in 5 gallon (18.9 L) containers.

·Kratos Bonder:  Kratos Bonder is an acrylic bonding agent and/or admixture.  It is packaged in 1 gallon (3.8 L) and 5 gallon (18.9 L) containers. Kratos Bonder is used with Kratos Finish Coat. 

·Kratos Finish Coat:  Kratos Finish Coat is a Portland cement based mixture designed for the final plaster coating.  It is a premixed factory blend that includes silica sand and requires the addition of water and Kratos Bonder.  The Kratos Finish Coat is designed for a Lace or Sand finish.  Additional finishes are available upon requeist from Stucco Restoration Systems. 

·Kratos Window and Door Caulking Cord:  The Kratos Window and Door Caulking Cord is a pliable rope of wether strupping that is 3/16 inch (4.8mm) thick.  The polypropylene based caulking cord adheres to a variety of surfaces and is used where a whether stripping material is required for filling and sealing openings in metal construction, building joints and metal lap joints. 

·Miscellaneous:  All trim, screeds and corner reinforcements shall be made from galvanized steel, aluminum or approve plastic. 

The Kratos Base Coat Concentrate, Kratos Admix, Kratos Bonder, Kratos Red Stop Liquid Water Barrier and Kratos Finish Coat are identified with a printed label showing the Stucco Restoration Systems name and address, the product name, the evaluation report number (ESR-1476), the date of manufacture or the expiration date, and the name of the inspection agency (RI Ogawa & Associates, Inc.). The Kratos Flashing Material, Kratos Wire Fabric Lath, Kratos Wood Stud Fasteners, Kratos Finish Coat and Kratos Window and Door Caulking Membrane is identified with the Stucco Restoration systems, Inc. name and address, the expiration date (if applicable) and the evaluation report number (ESR-1476). 

The Kratos Wood Stud Fasteners are identified with a “K” stamped into the head.  The fastener container label bears the fastener name (Kratos Wood Stud Fastener), length, minimum bending yield strength, and lot number. 

The Kratos Flashing Membranes are labeld in accordance with ESR-1825. 


All of the Kratos Wall System products are subject to audit during the manufacturing process.  The purpose of the audits is to guarantee product quality. The audits are completed by RI Ogawa & Associates, Inc.  Audit results are forwarded to Omega -------- and Stucco Restoration Solutions, Inc.  (Note: does ICC get a copy of the audit – clearify with SRS---- )

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