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About US

We developed the Kratos Wall System to resolve a serious problem within the stucco restoration industry. Construction defects within the industry have caused several significant failures on exterior cladding products in recent years. The failures have resulted in mold, wet and dry rot, and toxic spores damage to structures, bodily injury damage and economic damage to property owners.


Haphazard repairs have resulted in multiple second-generation lawsuits costing the stucco industry millions of dollars to defend the litigation and pay resulting damages.


A major contributor to the construction failures within the stucco reconstruction industry has been the lack of high quality, uniform and regulated restoration products and procedures. The Kratos Wall System was developed to address both the quality and consistency of the product as well as the application of the product.


Historically, experts thought that the only correct restoration for stucco damage is total removal and replacement. This process involves extreme demolition, which damages and weakens the framing members and structural supports. The other extreme is the “band aid’ approach for restoration. This approach covers up the problem, it does not fix it.


The Kratos Wall System provides a cost effective alternative to the ineffective “bandaid” approaches to stucco repair or the extreme solution of “bulldozing” the structure.

The Kratos Wall System is an overlayment of the existing wall system that is applied at dramatically less cost to the owner. It is installed without causing relocation of the residents and eliminates the cost of total structure removal.


We have placed the Kratos Wall System before the International Code Council (ICC) for critical review. We have received certification that the Kratos Wall System is in compliance with the 2003 International Building Code, 2003 International Residential Code and the 1997 Uniform Building Code. The ICC Evaluation Service, Inc. has issued report ESR-1476 to support the certification of the Kratos Wall System.


The Kratos Wall System is the only stucco restoration system that is nationally and internationally certified by the International Code Council as being code compliance.


Our goal is to provide the Kratos Wall System with the highest standards of quality in the products and procedures used in the stucco restoration industry. We believe that the Kratos Wall System does exactly that. Please take some time to navigate through our web site.


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